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BLOG | Dear next government, there is one way to rebuild trust… and it already exists | Kevin Keith

14th June 2024 – No Comments

But the real question may be whether politicians trust us. In the first episode of Yes Minister in 1980, newly appointed Minister Jim Hacker sought to introduce a policy of Open Government to ‘take the nation into our confidence.’  He…

Blog: Nordic+ Scotland meet-up

16th May 2024 – No Comments

The Nordic+ group of OGP members is a network of government and civil society reformers which formed in acknowledgment of our shared experiences of life in similar societies, economies and climate. Relatively privileged in a global context we nevertheless have…

Read out from the UK Multi-Stakeholder Forum | Wednesday 24th January 2024

16th April 2024 – No Comments

Multi-stakeholder Forum Read-out Wednesday 24th January 2024 Aim of the meeting The aim of this Multi-Stakeholder Forum (MSF) was to review the monitoring and implementation of the Fifth National Action Plan for Open Government (NAP5) and co-creation of the Sixth…