News 18th March 2013

Quick update on progress

by Tim Hughes

Over the past couple of weeks, through meetings at the Open Data Institute and collaboration online, we’ve been developing a narrative that links the open government commitments we’ve been discussing over the past five months, and presents a vision of open government driving both prosperity and democratic renewal. This draft interim plan includes commitments on open data and transparency; participation and responsiveness; accountability; and the UK’s role in global partnerships.

It has been developed through the active collaboration of experts in open data, transparency, participation and accountability from the civil society network and the Cabinet Office Transparency Team, with input along the way from other government officials.

It is important to note that the commitments within the interim plan have not yet been agreed to by ministers. In the next step of the process, the interim plan will be jointly submitted to Francis Maude for his comments and input. With his steer, we will then begin the process of seeking sign off for the commitments.

We’ll be posting the draft on this blog in the next few days. So watch this space!


The draft interim action plan submitted to the Cabinet Office can be found here: UK OGP interim action plan_20 March_Draft narrative