News 30th July 2014

OGP Commitment 6

by Rachel Davies

As part of the UK’s 2013 OGP Commitments, the Government announced last year that it would publish its first-ever National Anti-Corruption Action Plan.

Although various government departments and institutions deal with corruption, until now there has been no one person or department coordinating this work – i.e. no overall strategy, no centralised data collection, and no accountability to Parliament or the public. One of the main consequences of this is that the Government does not have a good overview picture of the state of corruption within the UK. The OGP National Action Plan included a commitment to develop an anti-corruption action plan that coordinates anti-corruption activity across all Government departments.

Eleven civil society organisations – collectively known as the Bond Anti-Corruption Group – have been monitoring the implementation of this commitment and earlier this year submitted recommendations for what the plan should cover, focussing on domestic corruption, international corruption, and the interface between the two.

We are now in the process of selecting representatives to sit on the Government’s Business and Civil Society Forum which will feed in to the ministerial oversight of the Plan’s implementation.

We’ve engaged all the civil society organisations who have expressed an interest in this commitment to date, but if your organisation is not already involved and would like to be, please do get in touch. Contact details can be found here

Rachel Davies, Transparency International UK