News 23rd October 2014

If you could get the UK government to do one thing to improve its openness, what would it be?

by Tim Hughes


Would you call on government to bring contractors under the Freedom of Information Act? Support and develop the UK Anti-Corruption Action Plan? Give the public a say in the future of the UK through a citizen-led Constitutional Convention? Develop an open and comprehensive register of lobbyists?

Today the UK Open Government Civil Society Network is launching a project to crowdsource an Open Government Manifesto. The ideas above are just a few of the contributions already put forward by civil society organisations to kick us off, and now we’re asking for you to add your own.

We know that elections can be a make or break moment for reforms, and momentum can be lost. May 2015 is approaching fast, so we’ve chosen to crowdsource an open government manifesto to focus attention on open government, and ensure there are a set of ideas ready and waiting for the new government to make their own.

The manifesto is linked to an international initiative called the Open Government Partnership. Every two years the UK government must work with civil society to develop an open government action plan. At the end of 2015 the UK will publish its next action plan. So, we’re calling on you to identify priorities for open government reform. What will you ask of government?

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Open Government Manifesto

You can read about the UK’s current commitments here and Open Government Partnership commitments from around the world here. You can read more on why we chose crowdsourcing as a tool here.