News 18th November 2014

An Open invitation

by Tim Hughes

UK Open Government Forum

Open government is the simple yet powerful idea that institutions work better for citizens when they are transparent, engaging and accountable. If you’re interested in opening up government budgets, contracts, datasets, decisionmaking, information, policymaking or public services, we invite you to join the UK Open Government Forum.

At the centre of open government are three core principles:

  • Transparency. Disclosing government data and information on areas such as public spending, government contracts, lobbying activity, the development and impact of policy, and public service performance.
  • Participation. Supporting a strong and independent civil society, involving citizens and other stakeholders in policy and decisionmaking processes, and protecting whistleblowers who uncover waste, negligence or corruption.
  • Accountability. Establishing rules, laws and mechanisms that ensure government listens, learns, responds and changes as a result of transparency and participation.

The UK Open Government Forum has been established by the UK Open Government Civil Society Network to build and support the open government movement in the UK, increasing its breadth and diversity, and facilitating greater collaboration across it. The civil society network works with and challenges government in the UK to adopt ambitious open government reforms as a member of the Open Government Partnership.

Through joining the UK Open Government Forum you will be able to:

Open government is critical to the wellbeing and empowerment of citizens. Among other things, it helps to ensure that those who take decisions that affect people’s lives are properly accountable and responsive to the public – supporting the effective, equitable and sustainable use of resources, delivery of public services and exercise of authority.

This is an open invitation to help make open government a reality in the UK.