News 15th April 2015

Open Government Awards: Improving Public Services through Open Government

by Tim Hughes

The OGP’s annual Open Government Awards has come around again, with this year’s theme being Improving Public Services through Open Government. OGP member countries have been invited to put forward initiatives to be considered in the awards, with the winner due to be announced at the OGP Global Summit in Mexico City in October 2015. Initiatives should demonstrate one or more of the following:

  • Citizens have better access to information on the public services to which they are entitled, and/or information on the performance of public service providers
  • Governments are better at asking for and responding to feedback or complaints by citizens on the quality of public services
  • Citizens have ways to actively participate in the design and delivery of public services
  • Citizens have mechanisms to monitor and oversee public works and services

The Cabinet Office are currently collecting suggestions for which initiative the UK should enter. If you have a suggestion, please post a brief introduction to the initiative, why you think it should entered and links to any additional information in a comment below this post by Tuesday 28th April.


Details of the application and scoring process can be found here:
Details of the scoring criteria can be found here: