News 7th June 2015

Corruption Is the Cancer at the Heart of So Many of the Problems We Face Around the World | David Cameron

by Tim Hughes

Ahead of the G7 meeting in Germany, David Cameron has written about fighting the cancer of corruption:

“World leaders simply cannot dodge this issue any longer. We have to show some of the same courage that exposed Fifa and break the taboo on talking about corruption. I will start tomorrow at the G7 in Germany and I will put corruption at the heart of my agenda at the United Nations in September and the G20 in Turkey, culminating with a major anti-corruption Summit in London next year.

Of course there will be some who will be sceptical and say it is all too difficult. But I believe we should draw confidence from what we have already achieved. When we began the Open Government Partnership, many doubted that it would amount to much. But today 65 countries have made over 2,000 specific commitments on openness and transparency – from pioneering citizens’ budgets in Liberia to letting the public audit major government projects in the Philippines.”

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