News 18th June 2015

Open Government Manifesto closing 25th June

by Tim Hughes

Open Government ManifestoSix months ago we launched the Open Government Manifesto to collect ideas for what should be in the UK’s new Open Government Partnership National Action Plan. The intention has been to collect ideas from across civil society in preparation for engaging with the government on developing the action plan. During the six months the manifesto has been open, we’ve collected 57 ideas for open government reforms.

The Open Government Manifesto will be closed to new ideas on 25th June.

With the formal start of the action plan process in just under a month, the time has come to close the manifesto to new ideas. Following its closure in a week’s time, all of the ideas will be transferred to collaborative documents, with the original authors & others invited to improve them based on the feedback they’ve received. The Open Government Network will then select the best ideas to be taken forward to discussion with the government.

So now is the time to add any final ideas or comment on the existing ones. What open government reform would you like to see included in the UK’s new action plan?

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