News 25th June 2015

CSO Leadership Changes in the OGP Steering Committee | Open Government Partnership

by Tim Hughes

News on changes to the OGP civil society leadership, from the OGP blog:

“OGP is growing up. At the end of the month, a dozen countries will complete new national action plans, adding to the more than 2,000 commitments already made and many delivered. Several of these countries are embarking on their second national action plan, implementing lessons learned and deepening engagement with civil society by creating mechanisms for ongoing dialogue and shared decision making. The steering committee is exploring innovations with local level government, parliaments and accountability institutions. And we are discussing how OGP can support and advance the Post-2015 agenda.

This rapid progress has been accompanied by some growing pains. Action plans and consultation processes are getting better, but commitments still cover a narrow range of issues and often lack ambition. Too many OGP countries are acting contrary to the principles of the Open Government Declaration, implementing laws and practices that restrict, or even prohibit, civil society from playing its critical role. The response policy is a step forward, but its ability to effect change remains to be tested.

Realizing these opportunities and combating these challenges will take strong leadership. In October of 2015, Alejandro Gonzalez will take the position of lead co-chair, together with the South African government. The Steering Committee has now endorsed Manish Bapna‚Äôs application to serve as a Civil Society Co-Chair together with the French Government beginning October 2016.”

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