News 25th June 2015

Ideas for Open Gov Manifesto

by Tim Hughes

Open Gov Manifesto

We want to know how you think government and public services in the UK can be improved through greater transparency, participation and accountability.

Fighting corruption. Ensuring public money is well spent. Improving public services. Developing better policy and laws. Knowing how decisions are being made, and who is influencing them. Making the voices of citizens heard.

What specific open government reforms would you like to see the next UK government make? How do you think they should be implemented? And what effect do you think it will have on citizens and society in the UK and beyond?

The Open Government Manifesto is a crowdsourced collection open government reforms and initiatives that civil society in the UK want the next government to adopt.

The UK open government civil society network, through its engagement with the government on the Open Government Partnership, will advocate for the best Open Government Manifesto ideas to be included in the UK’s new open government action plan. Find out more about the action plan >>

**Closing date: 25th June 2015.**

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