News 13th August 2015

The OGP Journey to Go Subnational | Open Government Partnership

by Tim Hughes

How subnational governments and civil society can be involved in the Open Government Partnership is an important question that we’re grappling with in the UK. It’s a particularly pressing issue in a country such as the UK, where significant powers are devolved to Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, and increasingly to cities and regions. Nathaniel Heller and Manish Bapna have blogged on the OGP’s plans, ideas and questions for taking the OGP subnational:

“As readers of this blog may have gleaned from the recently posted minutes of the steering committee meetings last month in South Africa, there‚Äôs a major push underway to explore ways in which OGP can engage with subnational governments around the world. We wanted to share some of the thinking behind that push and invite feedback and contributions to our analysis, which we hope will culminate in a pilot OGP subnational program being launched at the October OGP Global Summit.”

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