News 14th August 2015

OGN members concerned with FOI Commission remit

by Tim Hughes

Members of the UK Open Government Network have written to Matthew Hancock, Minister for the Cabinet Office, to express concern at recent developments that threaten the Freedom of Information Act, including the terms of reference of the Government’s Freedom of Information Commission.

The Open Government Network calls on the Government to ‘publish its reasons for limiting the Commission’s remit solely to measures that would restrict the right of access while omitting any consideration of what might be needed to enhance access under the Act’. The letter goes on to state that proposals that limit the scope and function of the FOI Act would be ‘fundamentally incompatible with the Government’s wish to become and claim to already be “the most transparent government in the world”’ and would be ‘entirely contrary to the spirit and purpose of the OGP’.

Read and download the full text of the letter >>