News 23rd November 2015

Update from the FOI Commission | GOV.UK

by Tim Hughes

Following the closure of its call for evidence on Friday, the FOI Commission has published an update on

Update from Lord Burns, Chairman of the Commission

“I wanted to provide a short update on the work of the Independent Commission on Freedom of Information now that the call for evidence has closed.”

“The Commission was set up in July this year to review the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act 2000. It is considering the balance between transparency, accountability and the need for sensitive information to be protected.”

“I’m pleased to have received approximately 30,000 submissions of evidence from individuals, campaign groups, journalists and civil society organisations from all over the country. Given the large volume of evidence that we have received, it will take time to read and consider all of the submissions.”

“Furthermore, the Commission has also decided to invite some parties to provide oral evidence. This will take place in two sessions on the 20 and 25 January 2016. Our intention is to report as soon as possible after these sessions.”

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