News 17th December 2015

Draft theme narratives published for comment

by Tim Hughes

The development of the UK’s 2016-18 OGP National Action Plan is organised around a number of themes, each of which is being co-led by a government and civil society theme lead. To help guide the development of each theme, the theme leads have put together draft narratives that:

  1. Introduce the theme
  2. Set out the challenge it is trying to solve
  3. Set out the outcome it is trying to achieve by 2018

As government and civil society across England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales collectively consider and develop the commitments to be included in the action plan, these theme narratives will help to frame and focus these discussions. From now until 29 January 2016 we are collecting comments on how they can be improved:

  • Do they miss out important aspects of openness, or stray beyond open government?
  • How can they be made even more compelling?
  • Do the outcomes reflect the right level of ambition?

The government and civil society theme leads will revise their narratives in light of the comments received.

Please comment via the Google Docs below, or send your thoughts to



Access to information

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Civic participation

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Open data

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Public accountability

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