Meeting notes 11th February 2016

Outputs and follow up from theme workshops

by Tim Hughes

During February, the​ Open Government Network ​co-​​hosted ​with government ​four ​workshops ​​to further develop the commitments for the ​UK’s third​ Open Government ​Partnership ​National Action Plan.  The ​sessions were well attended and we’re grateful to everyone who gave up their time​ and brought lots of energy to the discussions​. ​

There was lots of discussion in all of the groups and a huge number of new ideas came out of them.  We’ve tried to capture the outputs from each of those groups in the following Google Docs below​.

We need your help to take these ideas forward

Whether or not you attended the workshops, please add your thoughts to the relevant document – including your own notes or just your email address if you want to contribute to an idea.  Over the coming weeks we’ll be setting up some smaller working groups to develop the ideas further.

9 Feb​ruary​: Access to information / Open data (hosted by the Royal Statistical Society)

9 Fe​bruary​: Anti-corruption (hosted by Transparency International)

10 Feb​ruary:​ Public accountability (hosted by Parliament)

25 February: Civic participation (hosted by Democratic Society)

​There will be more opportunities to get involved and help us refine our commitments as we continue to work towards a final plan.  We’ll keep you updated through this blog and the OpenGovForum.  Join the relevant discussion groups via these links ​:

Do also drop a comment below if you have any ideas for improving the process.