News 4th April 2016

NAP II: End of term government self-assessment survey

by Tim Hughes

The Open Government Partnership requires the government to produce a self-assessment of its performance against the 2013-15 OGP National Action Plan, which will feed into the report of the OGP Independent Reporting Mechanism.  To inform its self-assessment, the government is currently collecting feedback through a short survey.  We encourage all those who were involved in developing, implementing and monitoring the 2013-15 NAP to respond

How well did we do in implementing the 21 commitments in the UK’s second Open Government Partnership (OGP) National Action Plan (NAP 2)? Help inform our end of term self-assessment by completing this short survey – it shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes.

NAP 2 set out a number of ambitious commitments towards greater openness helping to ensure that the public can:

  • see and understand the workings of government through more transparency

  • influence the workings of government and society by participating in the policy process and in the delivery or public services

  • hold government to account for its policy and delivery of public services

Our end of term self-assessment seeks to gather opinions on implementation and the impact of commitments made in the UK’s second Open Government Partnership (OGP) National Action Plan 2013-15 (NAP). It will be used to inform our end of term self-assessment as well as the OGP Independent Reporting Mechanism’s (IRM) report. Cabinet Office will also use the outcomes to identify areas we need to work on and improve for the future. The deadline for completion of the survey is Wednesday 13 April.