News 7th October 2016

Statement on ongoing government and civil society collaboration on open government

by Tim Hughes

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The first two United Kingdom Government National Action Plans (NAPs) had fixed two-year cycles of development and implementation. This meant that we could not always respond to and incorporate new ideas for opening up government as they arose. To address this challenge we have now moved to a rolling programme which enables us to add new commitments when they are ready.

In addition to more flexibility in the way commitments in the NAPs are included, we will continue to:

  • collaborate in identifying, developing and implementing new reforms throughout the period of the NAP;
  • engage on an ongoing basis, having honest conversations about progress across open government;
  • broaden the number of citizens and civil society organisations who actively engage in open government activities and who hold government to account.

As part of this change, and in the context of commitment 13 of the third NAP, government and civil society are reviewing how we work together. We want to redouble our efforts to make the most of these opportunities so the UK has the most open government in the world.

In particular, government and civil society will meet quarterly to:

  • consider and review progress on the NAP commitments already agreed;
  • identify new commitments to be published, for example, at the 2016 Paris OGP Summit or at other times as appropriate;
  • work to increase the numbers of organisations and individuals involved in the OGP process.

In addition, government will:

  • update progress on each commitment, and publish on the UK page of the OGP website every six months – for example beneficial ownership as per NAP2 implementation;
  • coordinate existing published information on NAP3 engagement activities so members of the Open Government Network and others are aware and can contribute;
  • identify ways to broaden engagement and identify priority policy areas to inform an approach to broadening engagement;
  • identify new platforms for communicating open government policy.