News 21st October 2016

Ben Gummer responds to OGN Steering Group’s letter

by Tim Hughes

Ben Gummer, Minister for the Cabinet Office, has responded to the Open Government Network steering group’s letter of 10th August. Read the response below.

Thank you for your letter of 10th August and annexes, which I have read with interest.

I am aware of the good work undertaken by Francis Maude, Matt Hancock and others on open government and I want the United Kingdom to continue to support the activities of the Open Government Partnership (OGP). I am looking forward to attending the OGP summit in Paris in December and to leading the UK contribution to the event.

I am grateful to the Open Government Network (OGN) for your role working with and challenging government to do more. I understand the OGN has agreed a document on how government and civil society will work together to collaborate in identifying, developing and implementing new reforms and to broaden the number of citizens who actively engage in open government activities. I would like to continue the practice of my predecessors and meet the Network’s steering group periodically. I think a meeting with the wider OGN network might be more appropriate after the Paris summit, potentially early next year.

I look forward to regular constructive discussions with the OGN. Although We may not be able to agree on everything, the process of open engagement and discussion is vital in taking forward the open government agenda.

The Rt Hon Ben Gummer MP