News 19th October 2017

Invitation to deliver the independent evaluation of the Open Government Pioneers UK project

by Connor McLean

The UK Open Government Pioneers Project aims to raise understanding and awareness of the UN Sustainable Development Goals amongst citizens and decision makers and to encourage the use open government approaches to progress the Goals. The project is formally linked to the International Open Government Partnership.

We are inviting bidders to deliver the independent evaluation of the Open Government UK Pioneers Project.

The total budget is £10,000 incl. VAT, and the timescales for delivery are January 2018 to July 2018.

The aim of this process is to employ a consultant who will undertake an imaginative, focused and thorough evaluation of the OGP Pioneers programme. Given the nature of the project, the project partners want to create an innovative and participative process which will allow interested consultants to become involved at an early stage, and which provides opportunity for the interested consultants to bring their experience to bear upon the tendering process itself.

Anyone interested in applying to take on this work, needs to participate in a two phase application process.

Full details of this process and associated criteria are available at

The deadline for Phase One of the application is 5pm, 15th November. See the Evaluator tender brief for details.

Any questions, please email [email protected]