News 1st November 2017

Three ways for businesses to support the Sustainable Development Goals

by Connor McLean

(via UKSSD)

By Colin Curtis

There’s a lot of talk about why businesses need to get behind the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). I’ve read countless articles on the economic opportunity associated with the goals, or the importance of industry support.

The business case for supporting the SDGs is incredibly compelling. Improved brand, better customer relationships, new revenue opportunities, increased employee engagement, reduced costs – the list goes on. It’s very positive that, according to PwC, 92% of businesses are aware of the SDGs and 71% are already planning to take action.

Try and find details on how businesses can support the SDGs, however, and things get a little vague. This is a concern because if we’re going to make any real progress, businesses need to understand not only why, but also how.

The SDGs are deceptively simple, and knowing where to start with them can seem daunting. With this in mind, below are three simple tips that any business can use to get started with the SDGs.

All of the SDGs are important, however not every business can support every goal. Taking time to understand which goals you are best able to support will help you to focus. For the greatest impact, choose goals that relate to your business – for example, Goal 12 on responsible consumption and production is likely to be highly relevant for manufacturing companies.

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