Points of View 18th December 2017

OpenGov Encounters – Fiona Savage, Collaborate Futures and Nordic Enterprise Trust

by Paul Bradley

Fiona SavageJob title: Director and Associate

Org: Collaborate Futures and Nordic Enterprise Trust

Location: Edinburgh

Network Member since: Since the beginning

[email protected]

How would you describe your job?

Facilitator and catalyst applying the art and science of human emergence for Innovation & Change. Models include Spiral Dynamics, Art of Hosting, U.Lab, Holistic Management

What does the concept of open government mean to you?

Open Government would be a way of being. We have to ask ourselves why government is not open? What culture is required in Government to enable Government to be open?

What would your autobiography be called?

Forget Sustainability, it’s time to be Regenerative

Why did you become involved in the Open Government Network?

Open Government Network for me is part of a wider effort to reimagine politics. Only 2% of the population in the UK belong to a political party – I’m keen to go beyond the groups who have always thought about politics to reach those who rarely do.

Tell us one thing you’d like this Network to do in the next 6 months

Understand what the present culture in Government is and what culture is required to develop open Government.

What does a typical day look like for you?

I rarely have a typical day!

What breed of social media user are you?

I use Facebook as a tool to learn and share about the topics I am interested in and it gives me access to networks across the world

What three things could members of this network get in contact with you about?

Creating a communities and society based on lease human and £ cost hence developing resilience.

Reductionist thinking and unintended consequences v Holistic think/ systems thinking

Understand worldviews and Spiral Dynamics

The link to the one website/blog/online community that you cannot live without, and nor should others:


Is there a particular area of open government that you’re interested in? Or, do you have a question you’d like network members to respond to?

Question: why do you think Government/public sector is not open?

Where do you see the open government movement in Scotland in three years?

Open government is a culture issue and not legislative. If the Public sector do not feel safe they will find ways to game the system.

Biggest like:

My electric bike

Biggest Dislike: 

Putting petrol in my car