Points of View 12th January 2018

Sign open letter on Scotland’s commitment to the SDGs

by Paul Bradley

We need your support!

In 2015, the First Minister confirmed that the Scottish Government would be one of the first anywhere in the world to commit to meeting the UN Sustainable Development Goals, both at home and overseas. Since then, all 193 UN member states have signed up to the 17 goals that seek to end poverty, fight inequalities and tackle climate change.

There’s little doubt that the SDGs offer a vision of our own nation and the world that Scotland shares, but what progress has since been made? Are the SDGs embedded in the work of the Scottish Government, Scottish Parliament and Scotland’s Local Authorities and do our actions live up to our words?

Scotland’s Sustainable Development Goals Network has launched an invitation to organisations and individuals across Scotland to sign an open letter to key decision makers and institutions in Scotland.

This letter calls on the Scottish Cabinet and Scotland’s Political Parties, Parliamentary Committees and Local Authorities to demonstrate their commitment to delivering the SDGs in Scotland and across the world by publishing the specific actions they are taking towards the goals.

Scotland’s SDG Network needs your support and invites you to sign the open letter by Monday 22nd January. Any organisation and individual from the public, private or third sectors can sign the letter.

Sign the open letter today

By signing the open letter at this crucial time, we can make sure that actions are taken in Scotland to see that the Sustainable Development Goals are achieved.

If you have any comments or questions, please contact the SDG Network Coordinator: Paul Bradley, [email protected]