News 12th March 2018

Re-imagine democracy with us online  —  social kit

by Paul Bradley

Imagine a country where decisions are honestly made, transparent and accountable, where outcomes cannot be bought or manipulated and where policy-making processes enhance democratic participation and connection.

This Thursday, Open Government Networks across the UK will be coming together to host the Re-imagine Democracy conference. We want you to join us in the discussions as together we look to #ReimagineDemocracy.

It’s the first time all four networks from Scotland, Northern Ireland, England and Wales will come together to host a UK-wide event. We may be in Belfast but we’re making it possible for you to join in online.

You can access the event agenda as well as other details here. If you’re in Belfast and would like to join us, some tickets are still available.

Find out more below!

Paul Bradley
Scotland Network Coordinator


Watch via the live stream


We will be using our YouTube channel to live stream the full event to your work or home. Not only will you be able to watch our fantastic selection of expert speakers, our social reporter will feed in the thoughts and questions you share on Twitter for our speakers to discuss.

Access our YouTube channel


Follow using #ReimagineDemocracy


You can follow and join in on the conversation at the event using the hashtag #ReimagineDemocracy on Twitter. This will allow other participants to hear and comment on your ideas and for our social reporter to bring your thoughts into the discussions in Belfast. We’ve also created a list of speakers, event coordinators and participants (to be added on the morning) for you to subscribe to — simple!

Subscribe to #ReimagineDemocracy list

Search hashtag #ReimagineDemocracy

Help promote the conference by retweeting us


Workshop: How can open government solve issues that matter to you?


From 2:30 pm, we will move from our lightning talks and deliberative dialogues to a workshop on how open government can solve the issues that matter to you. Our online audience will still be able to contribute to the workshop by following the prompts tweeted by ourselves (remember, follow #ReimagineDemocracy) and sending us your thoughts and ideas.

The input we receive from the room and online will feed into developing the UK’s and devolved nations’ open government action plans so it’s certainly worth getting involved.

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