News 23rd March 2018

Nominations open to join the Open Government Network Steering Committee!

by Andreas Pavlou

Today, we are opening the nominations for becoming members of the OGN Steering Group! There are five spaces to be filled in the newly-expanded Steering Group, and I hope you will think about putting yourself forward via the application form, below. If you want to nominate someone else, you can also do so via the same application form.

Application form:
Deadline: 5pm, Monday 16 April 2018

This is an exciting opportunity to get involved in the network, the way that it works, and how it interacts with government. As we are also shaping the next action plan, this is also a great opportunity to be more closely involved in how that is developed and implemented over the next two years. As well as being a member of the Steering Group, you will be a civil society representative in a UK Multistakeholder Forum, as part of the OGP process.

Role & Requirements of OGN Steering Committee Members

This year there are five spaces up for re-selection/election (currently held by Andy Williamson, Martin Tisne, and Rachel Davies-Teka, as well as the two new spaces following the changes to the Terms of Reference). Rachel Davies Teka will be up for reselection.

Steering group members play a critical role for the OGN, and have responsibility for:
– Engaging with the relevant Minister and civil servants with responsibility for the OGP
– Participating in the Multistakeholder Forum between government and civil society
– Speaking on behalf of the OGN
– Supporting and overseeing the work of the OGN Coordinator and ensuring the smooth running of the OGN
– Expanding the membership and reach of the OGN
– Where necessary, making decisions on behalf of the OGN

Steering group members must be members of the OGN, and have a particular responsibility to abide by and exhibit the OGN’s principles (as outlined in the ToR). Steering group members must use their membership to promote the public interest and nominees must declare any interests that may influence their representation of the OGN.

Terms on the steering group are two years, after which a place is put up for re-selection.

The steering group meets once every six-to-eight weeks, with department leads once every quarter (which will be formalised in the Multistakeholder Forum) and with the Minister for the Cabinet Office once every 6 months. In addition, committee members must be willing to respond to regular email and other communications.

Selection Process

Steering group members will be selected through a two-step nomination and election process. Nominations may be submitted from now until the deadline of 5pm, Monday 16 April 2018.

Compatible nominations will then be put to a vote by OGN members over a two-week voting period. All nominations will be reviewed against the OGN’s membership criteria and principles. As per the ToR, the vote will include lists to ensure that there is:
– A balance of individual citizens and representatives of civil society organisations of at least 1:4
– A gender balance of at least 1:2

If you have any questions, please contact the OGN Coordinator, Andreas Pavlou: [email protected]