News 25th April 2018

Election underway for five spots on the UK OGN Steering Committee

by Andreas Pavlou

Seven people are in the running for five spaces available on the Steering Committee of the UK Open Government Civil Society Network.

The election period will take place from today (Wednesday 25th April) until Monday 7th May.

The Candidates

The seven candidates for election onto the OGN Steering Committee are:
Rachel Davies Teka (up for reselection)
Giuseppe Sollazzo
David Durant
Jack Gillum
Alexander Blandford
Maria Stephens
Michael Birtwistle.

Who can vote

As per the OGN’s Terms of Reference, all members of the Open Government Network are entitled to vote to select steering committee members. Those who are eligible will have received an email inviting them to vote. Members of the OGN are allowed to vote only once. If you have not received an email to vote and are a member of the OGN, please let the OGN Coordinator know.

How will the vote work

As per the OGN’s Terms of Reference, the vote will take place as a Borda Count. Voters are asked to rank the candidates by preference. A first preference is worth 7 points, a second preference = 6 points, third = 5, etc.

At the close of the vote, candidates scores will be totalled up, and those with the highest total scores will be elected onto the steering committee. In order to ensure the gender balance requirement (2:1) of the OGN’s Terms of Reference is met, the highest scoring female candidate will be automatically selected, even if they do not fall within the top three candidates overall. If necessary, the same procedure will be carried out to achieve a balance of individual citizens and representatives of civil society organisations of at least 1:4.

To ensure transparency, the total scores of each candidate will be published.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with OGN coordinator Andreas Pavlou if you require anymore information.


The results will be announced in the week beginning Monday 7th May, after the vote has officially closed.