News 8th May 2018

New UK OGN Steering Committee Members Elected

by Andreas Pavlou

Over the last two weeks, members of the UK OGN have been voting for their new Steering Committee members.

The vote closed at 5pm on Monday 7 May 2018. The votes have now been counted and converted using Borda count method (i.e. 1st preference = 7 points; 2nd = 6 points; 3rd = 5 points; etc).

The results are as follows (New Steering Committee Candidates in bold):

Rachel Davies Teka, (TI UK) – 211 points
Giuseppe Sollazzo, (Individual) – 199 points
Maria Stephens, (CRAE) – 150 points
Michael Birtwistle, (NCVO) – 148 points
Alexander Blandford, (Individual) – 119 points

David Durant, (Individual) – 111 points
Jack Gillum, (Individual) – 98 points

NOTES: We received 37 valid votes.

Congratulations to the five new Steering Committee members, and thank you to everyone who stood for election and those who voted!

The current list of the UK OGN Steering Committee is available here.