News 18th June 2018

Have your say on the Wales Open Government Action Plan

by Jessica Blair

Do you have an idea for how government could be done differently in Wales? How it can be more accountable and transparent and work more effectively with people across the country?

If yes, we want to hear your suggestions for the next Wales Open Government Action Plan 2018-2020.

From Monday 18th June, you will be able to submit your own ideas online and browse the ideas that people are discussing.

Open Government is a global initiative that works around three key themes; accountability, transparency and participation. As part of this each government involved produces an Open Government Action Plan every two years outlining the measures they want to take in these areas. The Welsh Government is currently putting together their 2018-2020 Action Plan and it is vital that we have a say in this.

Over the next few weeks we want to bring civil society together to generate ideas and recommendations that we can put to Welsh Government for them to consider as part of their Action Plan.

Today we’ve launched a platform where you can put forward your ideas- add them here.

This is a genuine chance for your idea- big or small- of how government can be more open to become part of Welsh Government policy.