News 30th November 2018

UK OGN Welcomes Government Commitment to Open Justice

by Andreas Pavlou

This week, the Government committed to working with the Open Government Network and civil society groups to develop their approach to open justice, “with the goal of co-creating a full commitment for the 2020-2022 National Action Plan.”

The Government reiterated its commitment to open justice in reforming courts and tribunals, and to consulting stakeholders as they progress throughout the HMTCS Courts Reform Programme.

The commitment in the letter from the Minister for Digital and the Creative Industries and the Minister for Courts came following discussions in the first UK Open Government Multi-Stakeholder Forum, in September 2018.

The UK OGN welcomes the letter, and looks forward to working with Government along with many other civil society groups to ensure the open government principles of transparency, participation and accountability are at the centre of these reforms.

You can read the letter here:

Letter on Commitment to Open Justice in the Open Government National Action Plan 2018-20