News 21st January 2019

VOTE! UK OGN Steering Committee Election 2019

by Andreas Pavlou

There are eight candidates applying to join the UK OGN Steering Committee.

How to vote: See the OGN Forum

Deadline for votes: Monday 4th February 2019


The vote is open via the UK Open Government Network forum.

We now move to the voting period that will last for two weeks, from today until the end of the day on 4th February 2019. The vote is via a Borda Count – you will be asked to rank the candidates by preference. To meet the OGN’s 1:2 gender balance requirement, the highest scoring female candidate will be automatically selected, even if they do not fall within the top three candidates overall. The same may be carried out to achieve a balance of individual citizens and representatives of civil society organisations of at least 1:4.

There are now up to six spaces available due to Michael Birtwistle having to stand down from the Steering Committee. We wish him all the best in his new endeavours. In response to the news from Michael, the current UK OGN Steering Committee gave Elizabeth Chamberlain the opportunity to apply to be a Steering Committee member.

To ensure transparency, the total scores of each candidate will be published. Vote here.


As per the OGN’s Terms of Reference, all members of the Open Government Network are entitled to vote to select steering committee members. You will be asked to confirm your name and membership of the OGN to confirm your eligibility to vote. All members of the OpenGovUK email list are considered to be members of the OGN. Candidates are entitled to vote themselves.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask the OGN Coordinator, Andreas Pavlou: [email protected]