Meeting notes 20th July 2021

NAP 5 – Natural Resource Transparency / Climate Change – Wk1 – Readout

by Kevin Keith

As part of the co-creation process of the UK’s fifth National Action Plan for Open Government (NAP5), thematic areas agreed to during the Multistakeholder Forum in March 2021 have been turned into biweekly Working Groups. These Working Groups bring together government policy leads and civil society, and are charged with developing commitments for inclusion in NAP5.

The first NAP5 Natural Resource Transparency Working Group was held on July 1st, 2021 at 14:00 BST. The meeting was co-chaired by civil society and government.

Suggested areas produced for further discussion are as follows:

● Carbon risk disclosure / energy transition transparency – e.g. UK endorsement and implementation via UK EITI of the Global Registry of Fossil Fuels and, internationally, requiring consistent and detailed information from oil, gas and coal companies for projects across their portfolios on the impact that energy transition could have on economic viability of those projects

● Commodities trading transparency: amend the UK’s Reports on Payments to Governments Regulations and the FCA’s DTR 4.3A to require disclosure of payments to governments for the purchase of publicly owned oil, gas and minerals.

● Agricultural subsidy transparency – more published data

● Plastic packaging tax

● Public waste management disclosures

● Openly published standardised carbon footprint data for medicines

● Enabling data sharing for embodied carbon assessment and rating of buildings to complement efforts for assessing operational performance through Better Building Partnership.

● Carbon risk disclosures

Next steps:

● The second meeting of the NAP 5 Natural Resource Transparency Working Group will be held on Thursday, July 15th 2021 at 14:00 BST

● The second meeting is open to all government policy areas or civil society groups with an interest in the Natural Resource Transparency space

● Attendees of the second meeting are asked to come prepared to discuss the above listed suggestions in greater detail

For additional details or to get involved, please contact:

● Sam Roberts – Head of Open Government: [email protected]

● Kevin Keith – Chair, Open Government Network: [email protected]