Meeting notes 20th July 2021

NAP 5 – Data Ethics (Algorithmic Transparency) – Wk4 – Readout

by Kevin Keith

As part of the co-creation process of the UK’s fifth National Action Plan for Open Government (NAP5), thematic areas agreed to during the Multistakeholder Forum in March 2021 have been turned into biweekly Working Groups. These Working Groups bring together government policy leads and civil society, and are charged with developing commitments for inclusion in NAP5.

The fourth and final NAP5 Algorithmic Transparency Working Group was held on July 1st, 2021 at 10:00 BST. The meeting was co-chaired by civil society and government.

Potential areas for a commitment were solicited, as well as an open forum provided to suggest issues that had not yet been addressed. As NAP5 represents a two year time span, participants were prompted to think strategically.

Additional areas for consideration that arose included:

  • Creation of a shared resource of decisions
  • Definition of an algorithm
  • Outcomes-based public outreach
  • Tool to examine likely outcomes
  • Transparency around monitoring of outcomes/quality impact assessments
  • Legal requirement for equality impact assessments

The next stage of the co-creation process involves an offline discussion between government facilitators, the civil society co-lead, and government policy leads. The output of those discussions will be brought back to the wider group, likely towards the end of August, for discussion and, ultimately, final approval.

The Open Government Network Algorithmic Transparency Forum remains available for additional input around this thematic area.

For additional details or to get involved, please contact: