event 1st November 2022

November workshops to ‘reset’ UK Open Government Network.

by Guest

Two November workshops will seek to ‘reset’ the network that enables civil society to work with government on policy relating to transparent, participatory, inclusive, and accountable governance.

Funded by the Open Government Partnership and delivered by the UK’s leading public participation charity Involve, the online workshops will determine the future direction and sustainability of the decade-old UK Open Government Network (UK OGN).

Since 2012, hundreds of civil society reformers have worked with civil servants through the UK OGN to create open government policy commitments. These to form a bi-annual UK National Action Plan for Open Government.

The process was created by the 77 country strong Open Government Partnership (OGP) and has been championed by Presidents and Prime Ministers alike over the years, including UK PM David Cameron in 2013.

Yet of late it has been beset with difficulties.

Kevin Keith, Chair of the UK OGN, said: “The UK government is currently ‘under review’ for failing to meet OGP criteria, and the UK OGN has not had the resources to fulfil our ambition for a diverse, inclusive process that transforms how civil society and government work together on policy. As a result, civil society confidence is low at precisely the time when societal interest in open government is high. Something has to change. So it will.”

The workshops will serve as a reset for the UK OGN providing clarity with regards to its future direction and sustainability.

“Their success is reliant on input from people passionate about transparent, participatory, inclusive, and accountable governance. People passionate about how governments can better serve their citizens,” added Mr. Keith.

Interested individuals and organisations are being advised to attend both sessions below, but can register to be kept informed if they are not able to make it using the sign up form.

  • Part One: Wednesday 16th November, 0930 – 1130
  • Part Two: Wednesday 30th November, 0930 – 1130