About us

We are a coalition of active citizens and civil society organisations, working across the UK,  committed to ensuring governments, at all levels, work with and for citizens.

We believe that governments work better when they:

  • release information about how they operate and spend money,
  • make it easy for citizens to hold them to account,
  • work together with, and listen to those who live, work, and play within their boundaries.

As a coalition, we work with local and national governments to help deliver this vision, raise awareness of the challenges faced by citizens and civil society organisations, and campaign on these issues.

The coalition is made up of four separate but overlapping networks, each of which works with the national government in their country:

Come and get involved! Membership is open to individuals and civil society organisations, living in NI, Scotland, Wales or England, and passionate about our vision.

See our latest updates, and find out more about our work on the UK and Devolved National Action Plans for Open Government (or find out what the National Action Plan is).

Questions? Please get in touch with +44 (0)20 3745 4334 –¬†[email protected]