5th OGP Global Summit

As lead co-chair of the Open Government Partnership (OGP), Georgia will host the 5th OGP Global Summit in Tbilisi, Georgia, on July 17-19, 2018.

Representatives from more than 70 countries — heads of state and governments, ministers, public servants, members of parliament, local authorities, civil society representatives, international foundations, researchers, academia and journalists — will gather in Tbilisi to promote their achievements and discuss the challenges in upholding the principles of open government.

The OGP 2018 Global Summit will focus on civic engagement, fighting against corruption, and public service delivery. The objectives of the Summit are to promote peer learning, inspire OGP reformers to raise the level of ambition, and push the open government agenda forward to address new challenges and improve the lives of citizens around the world.

In order to build an agenda that reflects the priorities of all participants, a process of co-creation of the Summit program will be launched shortly.

You can read about the Summit, here: https://www.opengovpartnership.org/events/ogp-global-summit-2018-tbilisi

For further information, please contact: [email protected]