Democracy Day – Democracy on Trial

Hosted by the Northern Ireland Open Government Network, this fun event will explore the state of democracy post Trump and Brexit.

It will take the form of a show trial that puts Democracy in the dock to consider whether it’s guilty of failing people in the UK, the US and across the world.

As part of the event we’ll have:

  • A Judge or Presiding Magistrate to oversee and direct proceedings
  • A Prosecution Team and a Defence Team, each with the opportunity to call and cross-examine 3 witnesses to help make their case
  • A Jury, made up of the Audience who will deliver the Verdict:

Is democracy as we know it still the best system of government available? Or is it no longer fit for purpose and broken beyond repair?

The event will start with a wine reception at 16:00, with the Trial itself beginning at around 16:30, lasting for approximately 90 minutes.

To register for this event, please click here.