Is Local Democracy Working in Northern Ireland?

With the establishment of the 11 new super councils in 2015, significant new powers were transferred to local authorities. At the same time, legislation introduced the concept of community planning, which requires councils to work with statutory partners and communities “to develop and implement a shared vision for promoting the well-being of an area, community cohesion and improving the quality of life of its citizens”.

Three years on, the NI Open Government Network are inviting activists from across Northern Ireland to give their views on whether community planning is working and to discuss how local democracy might be improved. This workshop will provide a forum for engaged citizens to give their views on community planning in Northern Ireland, given the original vision of new local authorities that would place “the needs of all citizens at their core”.

Workshop participants will be asked to share their experiences of community planning, to explore what lessons have been learned in terms of effective engagement, and consider what actions might be taken to make local government more transparent, accountable and responsive to citizens’ needs.

Refreshments and Lunch will be provided

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