NI Open Government Conference: Transparency for Accountability

Sessions will include:

Beyond RHI: How to restore democratic accountability at Stormont

No government minister, special adviser or official ever expected to be held to account for their actions, or inaction around RHI. The ongoing inquiry into the flawed energy scheme has already revealed some serious defects in the fabric of our democracy. How do we fix them?

Trump on Trial

The Charge: ‘Allergic to transparency, ethically compromised and indifferent to the truth, Donald Trump has seriously undermined the core institutions and values of democracy. He is indisputably the worst president in American history.’

The Magic Money Tree

The essence of the contemporary monetary system is the creation of money by private banks out of nothing. In a sense, there is a magic money tree. The question is, who is in charge of the tree?

The (Post) Truth about Saving the World

Events around the world – terrorist attacks, violent social upheavals and natural catastrophes – have left us with a heightened sense that our ways of life are vulnerable to destruction and extinction. How do we face the prospect of devastation with a creative and moral imagination? Is there the possibility of radical hope and survival in the face of cultural collapse? Can breakdown lead to breakthrough? And why might hope be better than optimism about the future?

How will a Citizens’ Assembly work in Northern Ireland?

Could a citizens’ assembly provide a meaningful voice for civil society in the midst of a political vacuum? How will it work? When will it happen? What topic will it address?

The Conference will be hosted by Peter Osborne and contributors will include:

Sam McBride (Belfast Newsletter)

Steven McCaffery (The Detail)

Professor Deirdre Heenan (UU)

Steven Downes (Positive Money)

Professor John Barry (QUB)

Rebekah McCabe (Involve)

Admission is FREE! Refreshments & lunch will be provided.

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