Notwestminster 2016

Notwestminster is an annual gathering of people interested in building a better local democracy. The UK Open Government Network is sponsoring Notwestminster 2016, and we’ll be there to discuss how local government can be made more transparent, engaging and accountable. Join us:

From the organisers:

Would you like to change one small thing (or lots of small things that together make a huge difference) to make democracy work better for all of us?

This event is for everyone who has something positive to say about local democracy and for anyone who is up for a challenge.

Not enough of us are interested in local decision making – we are leaving decisions up to others and fewer people are voting. We seem increasingly unhappy with the process of how we’re governed, the options available to us and the results.

So we’ve decided to do something about it.

It’s a big challenge. But the good news is we can start with our greatest assets – each other.

Please come and take part in two days of making, thinking, discussing and creating. This event is for anyone who is interested in local democracy and who would like to do (or is already doing) something practical to help people have a voice in local decisions.

This year we’re asking participants to pitch workshop ideas in response to a series of Design Challenges for Local Democracy that have been created by our Notwestminster network. There are lots of challenges to choose from, including how to involve young people, how to make sure voters have the information they want, and how to create better connections between local decision makers and the people who are affected by those decisions.

Come and share examples and ideas, help develop prototypes and connect with others who can help you make local democracy work for you. All ideas welcome.

Our challenge is: If we want people to be involved with local policy and decision making, we need something that people can engage with (rock and roll for the masses, rather than jazz for the few). So what does rock and roll local democracy look like? And how are we going to make it happen?