Open Gov Meetup

It’s an important year for open government.

In part because of the development of a new action plan which we must shape with government.

But also because the world will be watching the UK as the G7 and COP26 take place on these shores in June and November respectively. To paraphrase a recent speech, what will be the power of our example?

But moreover, it is an important year, because the challenges to our democracy remain so great. Accountable, responsive and inclusive governance is as important as ever, and it is vital we ensure our collective voice is heard.

Sam Roberts, Head of Open Government and Open Data, from the UK Cabinet Office will join us for this first meetup and will be answering your questions.

So join us. Be part of our movement.

DATE: 16 February 2021
TIME: 12:00
→  13:00

Please sign up with the link here and please share with colleagues too.