Open Gov Week: Participation Day

Date, Time, Location: 14 March 2019, 11am – 4pm, Federation House, Manchester


Open Government Week (OGW) is for all who believe that citizens should play a role in how government makes decisions.

About this Event

In 2019, Open Government Partnership will be focusing on gender and inclusion as key priorities. The UK Government would like to use the Open Government Week as an opportunity to seek feedback from the public on the most effective and inclusive methods of implementation of our OGP commitments and increasing participation in the policymaking process.

During this open policymaking workshop organised by DCMS, Policy Lab, and the Scottish Government, we aim to convene people who are leading open policy projects to collectively consider further developments of their practice.

This practical workshop is aimed at local authorities, central government officials, civil society representatives, and anyone who would like to learn more about open and participatory policymaking.


11am – 1:30pm:

Warm up – What does open policy making look like when it is done right/wrong?

Open Policy Making in practice:

1. Open Government team, Scottish Government

2. Case Study – Digital Economy Act

Workshop – what is the system in which we want to embed more open policy making?

Open Policy Making in practice:

3. Demsoc

4. Policy Lab

Workshop – given what we know about the system, where could we integrate better open policy practices, and what methods can we use? Sharing best practice.

Workshop – the Open Policy Making Toolkit in focus

– How open policy making tools could be applied to specific policy areas

1:30 pm – lunch

2:15 pm – 3:45 pm – Roundtable discussion: How can we integrate more open policy making practices into the way policy is made?

3:45 pm – networking