Re-imagine Democracy Conference

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The Mac,
Exchange Street,
Belfast, BT1 2LS

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9.45am – 4.30pm
Thurs 15 March 2018


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Imagine a country where decisions are honestly made, transparent and accountable, where outcomes cannot be bought or manipulated and where policy-making processes enhance democratic participation and connection.


This allday conference organised by the Open Government Network will explore:

  • Freedom of information – accountability and the public’s right to know. Would more open government have prevented RHI, SIF and NAMA?
  • Democratic Ownership – Is democracy being subverted by dark money – the undisclosed funding of organisations involved in public advocacy?
  • Anti-corruption – Will improving transparency around beneficial ownership help prevent tax evasion, money laundering and corruption?
  • Environmental protection – As climate change threatens the very existence of life on earth, how can the UK contribute to efforts to avoid global disaster?
  • Making power responsive to citizens’ hopes and needs – What’s the future for open government and democracy?


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This conference is organised as part of the Imagine Belfast Festival – Check it out!

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Re-imagine Democracy Conference Agenda

09.45am: Welcome & Scene Setting
Peter Osborne, Host

10.00am: What’s the point of Open Government?
Three deliberative dialogues to explore and demonstrate the intrinsic and instrumental value of more open government.
Dialogue 1: Transparency, accountability & the public’s right to know
Mandy McAuley, BBC Spotlight
Dialogue 2: Who owns our democracy?
Peter Geoghegan, OpenDemocracy
Dialogue 3: Unmasking the Corrupt – The Paradise Papers
Alex Cobham, CEO of the Tax Justice Network

11.30am: BREAK (Refreshments provided)

12.00 noon: Leave No One Behind: Open Government and the SDGs
Three Lightning Talks followed by a Q&A and open discussion on the relevance of the SDGs for the UK and Ireland.
Lightning Talk 1: Open Government and the UN SDGs – The Pioneer Project
Lucy McTernan, Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations (SCVO)
Lightning Talk 2: Progress with implementation plan for SDGs
Farooq Ullah, Co-Chair of UK Stakeholders for Sustainable Development (UKSSD)
Lightning Talk 3: Climate Change & Environmental Protection Post Brexit – SDG13
Jim Kitchen, former Head of Sustainable Development Commission in NI

1.00pm: LUNCH (Food and drink provided)

2.00pm: The Future of Open Government – What’s the Story?
Keynote from Robin Hodess, Transparency International and the OGP Steering Group

2.30pm: How can open government tackle the issues that matter to you?
Workshop to identify and discuss potential new commitment areas & ideas as part of the process to develop a UK Open Government Action Plan

4.30pm: Conclusions and close


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