Members - shape your network

Whilst a growing membership bodes well for the future of Scotland’s Open Government Network and any future open government action plans, the lack of structure for collaborating with government as well as a governance framework are just a couple of areas that need to be different. Without this, how can we ensure we build on the lessons learned during Scotland’s first full year in the Open Government Partnership?

Based on input from members, three overview papers are now available covering network governance, network communications and action plan collaboration. We’re setting up three temporary groups to focus on these areas and invite you to take part in steering progress.

How do I get involved? 

All you need to do now is register to one or more groups and we will do the rest, including coordinating meetings for participants around their availability or ensure online discussions are progressing well.

Participants will set the agenda and outputs from these groups will be shared with the wider network for discussion and to agree on next steps.

Why are we doing this?

Members of the network should be able to take part in all levels of improving the network, deciding which activities and processes it should pursue and have confidence in its independence and decision making.

The next few months provide the opportunity for members to shape governance whilst taking forward initial conversations on how it should work with a future action plan and its communications. This will form evidence as to the views of network members and inform any governance framework in place.

The Open Government Partnership has also committed to continuing the Subnational Programme, which means Scotland has been invited to take part in a second round of action plans. A new plan would span over two years, come into force in September and have a longer development phase between February – August 2018.


These are short-term groups and what happens next will depend on the governance framework selected by you, the network.

Join Network Governance sub-group

Network Governance - Are you interested in shaping the future of Scotland's Open Government Network? We're looking for network members to steer the development of its governance following a significant growth in membership and looking ahead to 2018

Group remit: To develop and make proposals on the governance of Scotland’s Open Government Network for the wider network to consider and approve

Desired outcome: A short proposal on governance option(s) and revised terms of reference signed off by the group to be then shared in the network’s forum and agreed on in February.

Overview paper: 

Join Network Communications sub-group

Network communications - Networks can be awesome, but there's no point in having one if we're not getting the message out about open government and its importance to communities across Scotland. Can you help us get our creative juices flowing?

Group remit: To evaluate the network’s communications and suggest proposals for how the network can take forward well planned, effective communications to increase awareness, understanding and involvement in the open government movement.

Desired outcome: A short communications plan signed off by the group and shared in the network’s forum for comments in February.

Overview paper:

Join Action Plan Collaboration sub-group

Action plan collaboration - We need a clear approach for how Scotland's Open Government Network can collaborate with government in the development of any future open government action plans, which will set the tone for the months and years ahead.

Group remit: To review and feed into proposals developed by the Democratic Society for how Scotland’s Open Government Network should organise itself and work with others in the co-creation of any future open government action plans.

Desired outcome: Proposals developed by the Democratic Society are reviewed and adjusted by the group and shared in the network’s forum for comments in January.

Overview paper: