Govt Letters 24th August 2022

Chair UK OGN > Minister Wheeler re: IRM

Dear Minister

Re: OGP Independent Reporting Mechanism and potential ‘inactive’ status

I am writing on behalf of the UK Open Government Network (UK OGN) committee to flag some activity over the coming days and weeks.

  • OGP Independent Reporting Mechanism 

It was disappointing although maybe not surprising to read that the UK had failed to meet OGP criteria for a third successive time. It is incumbent on the UK OGN to promote this outcome and share our disappointment and concern with the wider community. This means that there may be some media activity over the coming days which will be critical of the government. It will also reference disappointment with regards to a public standards commitment.

There will be separate additional activity specifically related to the recent efforts to work with civil society by the government. This includes the additional three commitments that have been appended to the original National Action Plan – thank you for this. In addition to comments from the UK OGN, some media activity related to this will be led directly by civil society groups who have been involved in these additional commitments, Bond for example who have worked with FCDO.

  • OGP Criteria and Standards Sub-Committee

The UK OGN will convene a wider group of civil society leaders to discuss a recommendation to the OGP Criteria and Standards Sub-Committee with regards to the UK’s status to be determined at the Steering Committee meeting. This follows the Regional European meeting in October. Members of the UK OGN steering committee have welcomed the levels of engagement and responsiveness over the past few months, including your attendance at the Multistakeholder Forum event, and will make that case, but it is essential we gauge wider opinion.

I hope you appreciate advance notice of the above activity.

Yours sincerely

Kevin Keith
Chair of the UK Open Government Network