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Open Government Guide

Open Gov Guide

The Open Government Guide is a resource for people working to make their governments more transparent, responsive, accountable and effective.

It is designed in particular to support the Open Government Partnership (OGP).

The guide highlights practical, measurable, specific and actionable steps that governments can, and are taking across a range of cross-cutting and focused areas. The topics currently covered are listed below, and more will be added in future:

Cross cutting topics Focused topics

Each Topic has been developed by an expert organization and offers a flexible menu of  ‘illustrative commitments’.

  • Initial steps – steps that a country can take starting from a relatively low baseline.
  • Intermediate steps – actions that countries can take once they have already made moderate progress
  • Advanced steps – established best practice demonstrated by the most advance performers
  • Innovative steps – new approaches which countries are trying out

For each step the Guide lists relevant standards and guidance, and examples in practice.

  • Recommendations – detailed guidance from expert networks
  • Standards and guidance – key principles, guidance, reports, rankings and tools
  • Country examples – examples in practice from around the world.

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