Govt Letters 11th March 2019

Reply to OGN Letter: Delay to finalising the UK Open Government Action Plan

You can download a copy of the letter here (.pdf 190kb)

11 March 2019

UK Open Government Network
18 Victoria Park Square
London E3 9PF

Dear Mr Pavlou

Delay to finalising the UK Open Government Action Plan

Thank you for your letter dated February 11 regarding the delay to the launch of the UK’s fourth National Action Plan for Open Government, and the impact upon Civil Society groups and the UK’s international standing as a leader in open government.

I understand your concerns about the delay to publish the plan, and the prioritisation that government affords this agenda. I would therefore like to reassure you that growing, strengthening, and sustaining the UK’s open government legacy has been a priority ever since co-founding the Open Government Partnership in 2011, and remains so going forward.

Despite delays to the publication of the plan, government departments and Civil Society have already begun working together to deliver objectives, such as the publication of an expanded set of grants data in November 2018, and increasing participation in policy making, with an initial session taking place in March 2019.

While preparing for exiting the EU has required effort across government, some delay to the publication has been caused by extended consultation and efforts between officials and civil society to strengthen current commitments.

We regret missing the December deadline for the publication of the final plan, however my officials are working to publish the final National Action Plan at the earliest opportunity. We are grateful to Civil Society for the support and challenge they provide, and look forward to working with you all to use opportunities afforded by the new timescales to deepen and expand upon the commitments within the current package, as well as developing ambitious new ones.

Yours ever


Minister for Digital and the Creative Industries