OGN Publications 23rd May 2018

UK Multi-Stakeholder Forum for the creation of UK’s 2018-2020 National Action Plan

(Interim) Terms of Reference


True partnership between Government and Civil Society is vital to achieving collaborative open government reform. The NAP4 Multi-stakeholder forum will ensure civil society and citizens are actively engaged in the creation, implementation and monitoring of the UK’s fourth National Action Plan.


  • To maximise participation and cooperation between government and civil society in developing, implementing and monitoring the UK’s National Action Plan 2018 – 2020.
  • Support communications about the Plan, ensuring a diverse range of perspectives is sought.
  • Proactively support innovative initiatives that increase openness, going beyond the OGP process.

Ways of working and time commitment

The group will meet twice in the run up to the launch of the UK’s fourth National Action Plan in summer. At this point, the Forum will undertake a review of its membership and Terms of Reference, and update them as appropriate in order to transform into a governance function for the implementation of the plan.

The group will be co-chaired by DCMS and an elected representative of the UK Open Government Network. The location will be agreed by the chairs and must always include a reliable remote participation option. Each meeting will last up to 1 hour, as considered appropriate by the co-chairs, and dependant on the agenda.

The group may also meet virtually, as agreed by co-chairs.

Its membership and terms of reference will be published (once proposed members have agreed to partaking in the group). Co-chairs will take it in turns to write a blog on GOV.UK or the UK Open Government Network’s website following each meeting, which will summarise the discussions and invite contribution.

Non-members may be invited to attend specific meetings or provide information.


The Data Policy team in DCMS will provide the group’s secretariat. It will provide support to the co-chairs in managing the agenda, arrange meetings, and ensure a blog summarising each meeting is posted in good time.


The membership will be a balanced number of high-level civil society and government representatives, and design of the forum will be agreed collaboratively between Government and Civil Society. There will be room for the addition of new partners, and rotation of current partners as development of the plan progresses – for example representatives from academia, local government, and the private sector.

First update

You can read an update of the discussions in the first Multi-stakeholder Forum (9 May 2018), here: https://www.opengovernment.org.uk/2018/05/11/how-government-and-civil-society-is-collaborating-to-drive-openness-gila-sacks/