Other Resources 9th May 2017

Video: Open Policy-making at Democracy Day 2017 – Hille Hinsberg

Open Policy-making: A new era for citizen engagement in NI

The Northern Ireland Executive committed in November 2016 to pilot an open-policy making process as part of their participation in the Open Government Partnership.

As part of Democracy Day at the MAC, a session hosted by the NI Open Government Network explored what open policy making is and what it could look like in Northern Ireland through the lens of international case studies and experiences in other parts of the UK.

Contributors included:

• Robert Bjarnason from the Iceland Citizens Foundation
• Hille Hinsberg from the Praxis Centre Estonia
• Tim Hughes from London-based public participation specialists Involve

Hille Hinsberg – Praxis

Hille works with the highly respected Estonian think tank Praxis; and advises the Estonian Government Office on policy for Social Innovation.

She serves on the research arm of the Open Government Partnership (OGP) and carries out reviews of the implementation of national action plans in 70 countries.

She was among leaders of a unique deliberation process – People´s Assembly that crowdsourced grass root proposals to amend financing practices of political parties.

Hille has led several initiatives to promote Open Government and citizen-to government dialogue – such as introducing the code of public participation to civil servants and establishing offline and digital platforms for dialogue with civil society stakeholders.