Shape the UK’s 2018-20 Open Government Action Plan

What Is Going On?

The UK is developing its fourth national action plan on open government.

This is part of the UK’s promise as a member of the Open Government Partnership, to work with citizens and civil society to implement open government reforms. Since 2011, the UK has developed and implemented commitments that form part of a 2-year national action plan. This year sees the UK begin to develop and launch its 2018-2020 open government national action plan – the fourth one!

The UK Open Government Network is travelling up and down the country to collect ideas and proposals for reforms the UK Government should commit to on transparency, citizen participation and accountability.

You do not need to be an expert on open government – we are looking for interested and empassioned citizens, community groups and civil society organisations who want to have a say and offer their ideas on how government at a local, regional and national level could be done better and in a more open way.

This year we are also looking for ideas that bring open government solutions to problems faced by national, devolved, and in particular, local government. We are also keen for ideas and proposals to tackle issues that are represented in the Sustainable Development Goals, and that bring in organisations which do not normally work on open government.


The Process


Launch of the process online
Jan to Mar.
Crowdsourcing of possible commitments (workshops and online)

The Open Government Civil Society Network (OGN) will organise and conduct workshops up and down the country to collect ideas from the public that identify where open government can solve key problem areas – at local and national level. Participants will also explore their proposals on how to solve those problems using open government. Proposals and ideas will be uploaded online where further discussion can also take place.

The networks in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales will also hold similar events that will feed into the process, as well as produce their own devolved commitments. Events in Scotland will also channel ideas into its own action plan as part of the OGP Subnational Government Pilot programme.

Mar to May OGN produces a manifesto of key civil society proposals

After the workshops, the open government network will prioritise what was identified, developing these into a list of civil society proposals on open government. Civil society organisations who endorse and want to work on these issues will be invited to be lead organisations who follow through with the commitment over two years if it enters the final open government national action plan.

The OGN published its Open Government Civil Society Manifesto 2018 on 1 June 2018, which brought together all the ideas and proposals for open government under four overarching themes:

Apr to May Co-creation process around proposed commitments

The Steering Committee of the Open Government Network will bring its key proposals into discussions with government officials to develop an action plan on open government in the UK. Whilst some demands may already match government ideas about what to put into the action plan, others will need further discussion. Some may not make it into the plan. Where possible, discussions may include specific civil society organisations and government departments who would lead certain commitments.

The OGN and Government will hold two Multistakeholder Forum meetings over the course of the development of the action plan. The first meeting was held on 9 May 2018. You can read more about what was discussed, here:

The second Multistakeholder Forum was held on 11 June 2018. You can read more about what was discussed, here:

17-19 Jul
OGP Global Summit in Georgia
5 Sep to 3 Oct Public Consultation

After the summer, the draft action plan text will be presented to the public for consultation. The comments from the consultation will be reviewed and will inform the development of the commitments in the action plan. The public consultation will be open for one month.

Commitments agreed between civil society and government, and signed off

By the end of this process, the final text will be agreed upon between the Open Government Network and government officials.

26 Nov Correspondence between UK Government and UK OGN

Letter from DCMS and MOJ about a commitment to Open Justice in the Open Government National Action Plan 2018-20


11 Feb Correspondence between UK Government and UK OGN

OGN sends letter to DCMS about the delay to finalising the UK Open Government Action Plan

11 Mar Correspondence between UK Government and UK OGN

UK Government reply to OGN Letter on delay to finalising the UK Open Government Action Plan

1 May Correspondence between UK Government and UK OGN

OGN sends another letter to DCMS about the ongoing delay to finalising the UK Open Government Action Plan in the run up to the OGP Global Summit in Ottawa, Canada

27 May Reply from Margot James MP to UK OGN letter

The UK OGN receives the following letter from DCMS commiting to publishing the action plan before the start of the Open Government Partnership Global Summit in Ottawa, Canada.

28 May UK National Action Plan for Open Government 2019-21 published!

The UK National Action Plan for Open Government 2019-21 is published on the morning of 28 May. The Opening Ceremony of the OGP Global Summit begins on 28 May in the evening.

29 May UK OGN publishes statement after Action Plan published

The UK OGN publishes the following statement calling for UK Government “to fully deliver all eight commitments in the 2019-21 Open Government National Action Plan, set out a high-level political commitment to open government reform moving forward, and work closely with civil society to make UK Government and institutions more open, transparent, participatory and accountable.”

This table will be periodically updated when there is more information. It was last updated on 1 May 2019. Got a question about the process? Get in contact.


Multistakeholder Forum

The UK has set up its first MultiStakeholder Forum (MSF) which will meet at least twice during the development of the Action Plan. After that it will be redesigned towards monitoring the implementation of the UK 2018-20 Open Government Action Plan. The terms of reference for the current MSF is available here.

  • A blogpost from Gila Sacks (DCMS) was written about the First Meeting of the Multistakeholder Forum. Read Gila’s blogpost here.
  • A blogpost from Tim Hughes (Involve/OGN) was written about the Second Meeting of the Multistakeholder Forum. Read Tim’s blogpost here.
  • Notes were published following the Second Meeting of the Multistakeholder Forum. Read the notes here.


Following the process

If you are interested in the latest up-to-date information about the process and development of the action plan, you can follow the regular Updates.

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The UK’s Previous Action Plans

Since 2011, the UK has developed 75 commitments on open government reform. Read the previous action plans, below:

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