Open Gov Briefings

There are many different elements involved in building more open government. To surface some of the different issues that the United Kingdom could look to address through it’s own Open Government Partnership National Action Plan, and through it’s co-chair leadership of the OGP, members of the UK OGP civil society network have put together a series of briefing papers.

If you would like to contribute a briefing to the series, please share your ideas on the Mailing List.

Briefings from October 2012

All available for download as PDF.

  1. The Construction Sector Transparency initiative (CoST)
  2. Tackling abuse of the financial system: a local and global issue
  3. The International Aid Transparency Initiativ (IATI)
  4. Open government and trustworthy records
  5. Open budgets
  6. Citizen engagement in multi-stakeholder transparency initiatives – bottom up demand and participation
  7. Open policy making
  8. Principles on the right to information and the security sector
  9. Reform of the Public Interest Disclosure Act (1998)
  10. Open government and corruption
  11. Extractive industry transparency
  12. Open corporate data
  13. Register of lobbyists

Briefings represent a contribution to the debate on open government, and should not be interpreted as a view of the whole network, or official statements from any of the involved organisations.