Northern Ireland


The Northern Ireland Open Government Network (NIOGN), established in 2014, is an alliance of individual citizens, activists and representatives of community and voluntary organisations.

Our aim is to contribute to delivering more open, transparent and accountable government that empowers citizens to shape decisions that impact on their lives.

We are a Community Interest Company (NI660070); and we currently have 7 Board Members:

  • Rebekah McCabe (Chairperson)
  • Paul Braithwaite
  • Colm Burns
  • Rachel Hanna
  • Craig McGuicken
  • Gerard Moyne
  • Orna Young

Our mission is to engage a broad and diverse group of citizens and organisations in advocating more open government in Northern Ireland.

We value deliberative democracy – engagement between citizens and their representatives at all levels to produce better outcomes for society.

In accordance with the principles of the Open Government Partnership Declaration, we want to help to:

  • Broaden participation in government
  • Increase transparency and the availability of, and access to, data
  • Enhance accountability
  • Improve policy making
  • Deliver better service provision
  • Increase confidence in government

We believe that open government reforms can transform the way government and public services work, ensuring that they are properly responsive to citizens, while improving their efficiency and effectiveness, and preventing abuses of state power.

We believe that people and communities have a deep and instinctive desire to work for social and political participation and transformation; and that these democratic capabilities are, in themselves, valuable as a means and as an end in the pursuit of wellbeing.

Get involved

Those interested in becoming a member of the network should sign up to the UK Open Government Forum, and to the specific Northern Ireland mailing list. This blog provides regular progress updates, news and notes of meetings, and points of view from members of the Open Government Network, as well as relevant links and events. To sign up, please click here.

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